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I am eager to get an opportunity to work with you. Please, let me introduce myself ... 

From being raised in Minnesota, in 1971( with a low  lottery number) I entered the service. After 4 years in the air force, 2 years mining gold in Nevada and 10 years in the oil field, I made the transition to Real Estate sales. I wanted to help people and improve my communication skills. I literally went from speaking a few 100 words a day to speaking thousands. It was 1986 in Utah and I had a passion to help people make their dreams come true. This passion stayed with me when I relocated to the Big Island of Hawaii where I sold real estate for 10 years. In 2012 I acquired an SRS designation. After having my fill of tropical life I moved to North Idaho .  I serve the community by specializing in promptness, honesty, and creating the least inconvenience to my clients. My motto has been:  I can get anything I want in life, as long as I help enough people get what they want. Now I add to that “ As long as I do it in a way that glorifies our Father who art in heaven. In the name of his son Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Amen.

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